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South Studio – Linda Kroeger Leathersich

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Linda started sewing while in Jr High School in 4-H, and then in the early 70’s took a quilting class at the community college with her favorite aunt, Alice Rogers. Since then she has made hundreds of quilts. She bought a plain, no frills Gammill Classic in 1999 and still enjoys quilting on it today.  She quilts for Stitched Together Studios, fabric and thread companies, and has an extensive list of clients from across the United States. The number of quilts that she has quilted is close to 5,000 !! All free motion ( except that one pantograph in the beginning) and without a stitch regulator.

She has always had a studio in her home,  and one of her greatest joys was and is, playing with the kids and grands in the fabric and thread.

Her award winning work has been published in numerous magazines and books.

She loves sharing her knowledge of  quilts, teaching the art of quilt making and machine quilting, both domestic and long arm locally as well as across the U.S. and internationally.

She and husband Peter, a retired Presbyterian pastor, ( and her greatest cheerleader) live in a retirement community in Zellwood, FL.

North Studio – Stephanie Kroeger Sheridan

For as loStephanie Kroeger Sheridanng as she can remember, there has been a sewing studio in her house. Growing up in Northern Michigan with a quilting mom meant that sewing has always been a part of her life. One of her first sewing projects was a clown costume for 4H. She fondly remember the pink and green costume and the main lesson that it taught her; that sewing and fun go hand in hand.

In 2004 Stephanie turned the hobby that she learned as a child into a career. Her best friend, a reborn doll artist, needed a unique way to display the baby dolls. She offered to make an outfit with a matching quilt and that one project rekindled her love of all things quilting. The family dining room was transformed into a studio and Stephanie has sold custom made doll clothes and quilts to customers all over the world.

2009 brought a major change in career when she began to test free quilt patterns for a fabric manufacturer. That year for Christmas Stephanie received the EQ software, and in early 2010 designed her first quilt, and the rest … as they say … is history! She love all aspects of the quilting process, from the initial design idea to the final stitch in the binding, but her true loves are designing and piecing.

She,  along with her husband Mike and their 3 children, Charlotte, Michael and Gabriel, currently live in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania.

and then they … STITCHED TOGETHER!

After Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh in May 2009, Linda (an award winning long-arm quilter, quilt maker and teacher) and Stephanie (quilt maker, designer and pattern writer) became business partners in “Stitched Together Studios”. To date they have designed and written over 300 free patterns for major fabric manufacturers, have had their quilts featured in many nationally published quilt magazines, and have created their own line of commercial patterns.







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